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• Sunday, May 08th, 2011

A manufactured or park home can be an inexpensive year-round home, as the quality of these units, also called mobile homes, has increased significantly over the past 20 years. They are built in accordance with the laws for full residential use, including insulation similar to site-built homes. Typically, they are sited in a residential home park, and the land is leased, hence the name, park home.

There are residential home parks in many different areas of the world. In the United States, there are large concentrations of them in warm areas like Florida and Arizona, along with other southern states. They often serve as retirement homes for the elderly, as well as winter homes for those who live in the north but cannot deal with the cold winters well. Most parks offer swimming pools, clubhouses, and activities for their residents. In the UK, mobile homes caught on a little later but are growing in popularity. About 80% of the residents of park homes are retired, and enjoy the activities and social experiences that living in a park gives them. Also, family members appreciate the comfort and security that the park lifestyle offers.

Park homes range from older models which were built mostly of metal walls and roofing, to newer models which are built more like traditional homes. You will find shingled roofs, vinyl siding, and even stucco walls. They often have carports added, or even screened rooms and porches for evening relaxation. Inside, floor plans that are similar to modern homes are available, with en-suite bathrooms and open floor plans in the main living areas of kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Because the cost of purchasing and maintaining a park home, as well as utility payments and taxes, are less expensive, the lifestyle appeals to more people everyday. Especially when you figure in park amenities; lawn care, trash pickup, and sometimes water and electric included in the land rent, and the activities and recreational facilities are typically excellent. Often, comparing life in a brick and mortar home to a park home focuses on the costs and lack of amenities, and points people toward a more leisurely park home lifestyle.

One important aspect of owning a park home is procuring a mobile home or park home policy that will cover both the home itself and also coverage in the event of theft or accidental damages. A good policy will protect your home in case of damage caused by severe weather, and even covers the land where the home is located, due to fires or even earthquakes.

Like all insurance policies, you will want to get the prices for coverage from a few companies. When buying mobile or park home insurance, also be sure to look over the policy before signing to be sure the policy suits you well.

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