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• Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

The real estate business in the Philippines has recently been gaining popularity with several real estate companies developing their own sites in several parts of the country, including the non-metropolitan areas. Prices of real estate properties are relatively low when compared to those located in the United States. This makes investments in the Philippines attractive because their values are expected to appreciate in years to come.

People who want to make an investment in the country or make profits by selling a real estate property can manually contact real estate brokers for the packages they offer. However, the easiest and most practical way to locate brokers or agents is by searching for them in the Internet. There are already several online real estate marketers available in the Philippines.

Online real estate Philippine marketers promote their sites that include real estate listings and brokerages to international search engines. This makes their coverage wider and as such, heightens the possibility of getting closed deals quickly.

If a person plans to sell real estate property located in the Philippines, online real estate marketers can act as their brokers. They will be the ones to look for potential buyers and explain to them the initial policies and terms of the offer. The investor can also use their site to promote additional real estate items they want to sell.

For people who want to buy real estate property in the Philippines, online marketers also provide real estate listings that come from brokers in several parts of the country. Because it may be very difficulty to scan through the available properties for sale, some marketers have developed a system to filter out the choices. A leading marketer has set up a buyer’s wizard that helps buyers narrow down the choices by their budget, preferred location and size. Once a selection has been made, the buyers submit the online form. The broker of the selected property will be contacted by the online marketer for a detailed discussion of the real estate package.

With the online marketing trend in place, real estate in the Philippines can be expected to register more profits in the coming years.

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• Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Banks as home loan lenders would like to sell off their inventory of bank owned foreclosures to mitigate losses they incurred due to unpaid mortgages. This desire to sell of properties as quickly as possible translates into possible discounts for would-be buyers.

First-time home owners and people in the real estate business, buying bank foreclosures have yielded great benefits in terms of discounts and savings made. If you are in the market for these types of properties there are some things that are worth considering.

Where to Find Bank Owned Foreclosures

Most bank owned foreclosures are released through a Multiple Listings Service managed by real estate agents. They can also be found at online foreclosure listings services. Banks would normally transact only with licensed real estate brokers or agents so it may be a good idea to enlist the help of one. There are some cases where the lender or the bank will be open to dealing directly with the buyer and this could mean a lower purchase price having removed the middle men from the equation.

Once you have spotted the one you like, drive through the property for a cursory look at the home and the neighborhood. You should also begin assessing values such as the point where the bank will break-even on their bank foreclosures, the value of homes in the vicinity, the estimated market value of the property. You should also start planning your finances along the lines of the loan you will take out, your monthly payments any repairs that you need to undertake.

It is now time to make your offer for the property. Bank owned foreclosures are can be bought directly from the bank or through the real estate broker they have appointed. Approach whoever is the contact for the property and ask to be able to inspect it before making an offer. If you like what you see you can immediately make an offer. The offer you make may either be denied outright or be met with a counter-offer from the bank. You can still make another offer based on the bank’s counter offer before the bank finally decides to decline or to sell.