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• Sunday, December 05th, 2010

Freddie Mac foreclosures abound the market in all cities across the country. Many people are actually interested in purchasing these foreclosures but very few actually understands the benefits it could bring them. If you wish to purchase these foreclosed homes, you should remember that these properties are sold as is and may be needing some repair. However, this should not be a cause of concern for you since this is more a general rule rather than the exception. In fact, buying them could even give you numerous financial opportunities.

Greatly Reduced Rates

Buying Freddie Mac foreclosures will allow you to buy a property at greatly reduced prices than other types of foreclosures. If your budget is limited, they are perfect for you. However, just like any other foreclosure investment, you would need to make a good research to find the one that matches your requirement.

Wide Variety of Properties

Freddie Mac foreclosures include many different types of properties – from single units, condos, apartments to multi-unit homes, mobiles, buildings and other kinds of real estate properties. With the wide variety that they offer, it is easy to choose which among them could be perfect for your money’s value and would give you a tremendous amount of return.

Lower Down Payment

One of the greatest disadvantages in buying Freddie Mac foreclosures is the fact that they require very little amount of down payment than other those owned by banks and other lenders. This is a great opportunity especially for those who have very limited cash to work with. Having a low down payment actually empowers a regular and ordinary family to own their own house at affordable rates and terms. The monthly payments are also easier to manage, thus, a family could actually own the property and fully pay for it in no time at all. The primary goal, of course, is to maintain the ownership of the property in the buyer.

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• Friday, December 03rd, 2010

If you pick up a newspaper each day, or if you scan the headlines on a computer, it is almost inevitable that you are going to see one word repeated almost every single day…foreclosure. The current national and global financial situations have led to some devastating issues, and among the most problematic is the widespread number of foreclosures occurring. Fortunately, there are Miami foreclosure experts who are available to help home and property owners to find ways to get current on their loans, lower the balance or principle, or even to help conduct a short sale on the property too.

When people hear the word foreclosure they usually leap to the conclusion that there is only one possible outcome, but knowledgeable Miami foreclosure experts might actually be able to help someone to avoid or stop a foreclosure. It all begins with a formal meeting with one of the many Miami foreclosure experts who will review your financial situation and then give you some guidance on the possibilities for your particular scenario.

Consider that there are some people who have only fallen behind on one or two months of payments, and Miami foreclosure experts can help them to negotiate a way to get current and back on track. There are, in fact, government sponsored programs precisely designed to help people such as this to renegotiate the principle on their loan and to receive a second mortgage that allows them to be completely current with their lenders.

Alternately, there are many people who are considering bankruptcy or who are less than thirty days from their sale or auction date, and a foreclosure expert will be able to help them as well. They might be able to support what is known as a short sale on the property. This is an especially negotiated sale price that is actually lower than the amount owed on the home or property. This usually comes with no out of pocket costs to the owner because it is the lender who pays any realtor fees.

Why would the banks want to take less than they are owed and also pay the professionals involved? Interestingly enough, the average cost to a bank for conducting a foreclosure is $58,000. This does not take into account the fees associated with maintaining homes received by the bank through foreclosures. Clearly, it is in the best interest of almost any lender to work with the borrower to find the best solution outside of foreclosure.