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• Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Right now, many homeowners are considering refinancing their mortgage. The one thing that all homeowners want when refinancing is a low interest rate. Right now, interest rates are near all time lows, but I think that will change. Here are my mortgage refinance rate predictions for 2010.

Throughout 2009, mortgage interest rates have been very low. This was due to a few factors. The housing market was in a downward spiral, and need help. Many homeowners got into ARM (Adjustable rate mortgages) which they need help with. Also, new Government programs are out which can help millions of homeowners. This has led to an all time high number of foreclosures. This is why interest rates remained low throughout 2009.

While the rates are as low as they are, many homeowners can take advantage and refinance their home loan. This can result in huge savings in monthly payments and even more over the course of the loan. Also, this may be the only way a homeowner can get an affordable home loan, and save their home from foreclosure.

Right now a typical interest rate for a fixed mortgage refinance is around 5.19%. This is dramatically lower than interest rates were just 5 years ago. This has led to many people getting a refinance for their home loan. However, I do not think the rates will remain the same in 2010 for homeowners looking into refinancing.

I think that in 2010, mortgage refinance rates will go up. While not dramatically, especially at first, homeowners will definitely notice, and some may not be able to benefit from a refinance after the rates increase. I think that around April 2010, interest rates will rise about.5%. While not a huge increase, it is a lot in the long run of a home loan. Also, I think rates will increase again, by as much as an additional.5%, closer to August 2010. This would bring the total mortgage refinance rate to as high as 6.19% by September 2010. That is a 1% increase from the current rates.

I think that this will happen due to increased activity in the housing market, and small improvements in the overall economy. The better things get, the higher interest rates will go. I also think that the housing market has bottomed out, and recovery will start soon. This will cause a boon in the housing market, and restore homes market values. As a result, interest rates will rise, and homeowners will pay thousands more over the course of a home loan.

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• Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Foreclosures at times get associated with terrible tragedy that may include bad credit history for minimum 7 years and the requirement to begin again from ground. Although, it may be partly true but actually, it is a legal process/ court action that is initiated by lender when borrower is unable to make loan payments or does not comply with loans terms and conditions. As bank has to repay lien on home, it has to take the home and sell it. Foreclosures represent incredible opportunities as they can get us a property in areas where we can never dream of. Borrower has no rights/ title/ interest in property & mortgage in it as property is being sold because he has defaulted.

Common reasons of foreclosures include job loss, excess debt, decreasing income, end of marital bliss and lot more which make it impossible for individuals to repay loans and then they start missing tax payments and mortgage payment. Often these reasons are not in control of individual. Although, it is difficult for the people who lose their homes, but it is unbelievable opportunity for people who want to increase their holdings or have plans to make money by investing in foreclosure market. Sellers who are in this position must try all possibilities to save their home and if owner is not willing to do so or it sounds impossible then there is no other way.

There are various things that buyers must be careful about like what to look or how to avoid pitfalls/ financing etc. If you are searching for Miami foreclosures, you must begin with online search but you need to carefully choose the sites. It must be beneficial deal at both ends, buyer as well seller.