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• Saturday, April 02nd, 2011

Mortgage refinancing can seem confusing to many homeowners. Whether they are intimidated by lenders and banks, or just do not understand the process, many people have no idea how to go about refinancing the right way. Here are some general mortgage refinance tips that will help any homeowner looking for help with their mortgage.

Many people are very hesitant to try to refinance just due to the costs and confusion. However, the costs are often offset by the savings, and the confusion exists only due to lack of research. Getting a proper, beneficial, and money saving mortgage refinancing approval is not difficult to do. Here is some advice for homeowners looking to refinance:

-Always compare different mortgage lenders or banks. This is not as easy as it may sound, but it is not that hard either. When refinancing, you will be presented with multiple options. Some of the options will be better for you than others. Always compare different choices you have with offers that are similar. While each lender or banks offers are different, compare the core of the loan. Take into consideration the closing costs, time to repay, and interest rates. It will be easy to spot the best deal when comparing the main elements of different refinancing options.

-Get your mortgage interest rate written down on paper. Mortgage rates change daily, and just because you can get a low interest rate now does not mean that the rate will be available when you actually refinance. You must ask the lender or bank to write down the interest rates you qualify for, and have them sign it. While this offer will not be valid for a long time, it can often lock in your rates for at least 3 days. This should give you enough time to compare different offers.

-Know what you expect from refinancing your mortgage. Many homeowners just want lower monthly payments. However, there are other options. Lowering interest rates, changing the length of the mortgage, or getting cash back from refinancing is all possible. However, each homeowners situation is different and will require different loan options. Know what you want to get out of refinancing a mortgage, and pursue it. This will also save you some time, and ease the whole refinance process.

While these tips seem obvious, many homeowners forget the basics when they are in the process. Always remember that you are a customer, and there are other providers who are happy to work with you. If you have any doubts, or unanswered questions, do not hesitate to look for a different mortgage lender or bank.

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• Thursday, February 24th, 2011

It makes no difference how careful people are while spending money, it’s possible to incur debt. As per statistics, for the average family, the monthly mortgage installment turns out to be the biggest payment while redeeming the mortgage refinance loan.

In case there’s an emergency, or money needs to be borrowed for a settlement of credit card debt, it can disturb the balance between monthly income or cash inflow, and the monthly overheads. As a result, an affordable situation becomes highly unaffordable. So how should one cater to unavoidable circumstances? The basic rule is to communicate with your creditors.

The second rule is to keep on paying to the best of one’s ability, to prevent the mortgage refinance loan liabilities from becoming unmanageable. When delinquency occurs, or if the debtor stops paying the monthly payments, it reduces the creditor’s sympathy, and creates unhealthy grounds for solving your financial problems. In addition, being delinquent means you attract penalties as well as service charge, which will mount up your net payable debt.

The solution you may desire from your home mortgage refinance provider would be ideally a reduction in your home mortgage refinance loan monthly installments. It would be possible to avail this facility by extending the term of the mortgage loan, or by decreasing the interest rate. The question is why should a creditor modify your loan? The issue is for lenders the foreclosure option is tantamount to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. If the lender is presented with a foreclose, there are negligible chances of recovering the bulk of the amount lent in the form of refinance home mortgage loan.

The second issue is prevailing market conditions present a dull perspective as far as earning is concerned by selling the security offered in the mortgage. So lenders are now thinking about providing some additional chances or options so that the debtor can work out something and redeem, rather than get stuck up with litigating and a potential loss in recovery through judicial proceedings. It turns out o be more cost-effective to recover less from a borrower, rather than spend money to recover through legal suits and face the dilemma of selling or not selling the security.

To successful redeem the mortgage; the first step would be to learn what is required to qualify for a loan modification program, and how to meet the prerequisites. The following insights can help you select amongst the many loan modification companies, and help you prepare for your mortgage loan modification programs:


Each creditor has his or her own loan modification guidelines and policies. It’s required to spend the required time and effort to educate yourself about how the mortgage modification process actually works, and find out what your creditor is hoping to see in your application before approving it, and what other options are available to pay the dues.

Debt ratio

It’s the ratio, which lets you know how much you owe in comparison to your monthly income. Your lender will determine a new target amount, which will ideally be a percentage of the gross monthly income. By availing a longer loan term, or doing a principal forbearance, you can improve upon your chances for a successful mortgage loan modification.

Disposable income

How much do you spend each month? Loan modification application includes a financial statement, which represents a detailed breakdown of your income and expenses. The applicant has to show the monthly bills and expenses against the monthly income, and prove it’s possible to redeem. This assures the lender that you extra liquidity and are not a risk in being delinquent, if granted the home loan modification.

Hardship letter

To avail financial hardship benefits, a detailed explanation of your current situation, and why you want to keep your house, and your future plans will help your lender understand how you are facing payment difficulties. Draft your letter to the point, and include enough documentation to avail your refinance mortgage claim by modifying your refinance mortgage loan. A well-written hardship letter plays an important part for a successful application.